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Cannabis Indoor Grow Facilities Benefit from Puradigm Technology in the following ways:

  • Increased yield in crop growth.
  • Significantly reduces odors.
  • Mold, Mildew & Fungus reduction on surfaces, plants, and air.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Reduction in carbon filter usage.
  • Improved crop consistency, quality & quantity.
  • Produces a truly organic product free from chemical treatment.
  • Enhanced root structure creates healthier plants.

PURADIGM Technology has been developed to address many of the challenges of indoor growing facilities. Our objective is to assist in the management of mold, mildew and other potentially dangerous pathogens in the air, on surfaces and on the seedlings, flowers and plants.


PURADIGM Technology works as an active purification system that consistently delivers high energy clusters and advanced oxidation throughout the indoor space. Puradigm takes the solution to the problems by providing 24/7 support for growers and management teams.

    PURADIGM PRO                           PURADIGM Grow

    (Large Facilities)                            (Small Facilities)

Contact a Puradigm Professional about our facility and Grow room assessment program or discover us online at
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PURADIGM Technology has replaced the need for the carbon filter. Carbon filters help little with smell and do nothing for the health of the plants. Our Puradigm technology solves the smell problem as well as the mold problem that develops on your plants. Our products are safe and effective and are approved in in all states including California.

*See Kansas State University test reports for specific pathogen reduction data. Copyright 2014, Puradigm, LLC Puradigm Technology has been third-party validated to manage potentially dangerous pathogens and odors both in the air and on surfaces.*

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