Puradigm Solutions invites you to take control of your environment. As a leading authorized Puradigm Distributor, Puradigm Solutions has been providing real solutions since 2015. Contact us today for an immediate quote as Puradigm equipment, testing and solutions is all we do. 


The air and surface purification system that takes the solution to the problem.


We all spend about 90% of our time indoors, filled with 100 times more mold, viruses and bacteria than outdoors. (Source: EPA.)

Puradigm is a global leader in proactively neutralizing over 99% of E. coli, mold, staph, MRSA and more — in the air and on surfaces.

We are very familiar with the other technologies from all other competitors.


They are bipolar ionizer using ion needles (or tunnels) as its creation mechanism. They are very common and have been on the market for over 20 years. Like most of our competitors they lack any significant data to back up their claims but the technology itself is effective at cleaning the air in duct work. 


The main difference with Puradigm is that our technology reduces pathogens on surfaces not just in the air. We can scale to any room size and attack pathogens anywhere in the room. Surface bound bacteria accounts for 92-99% of the bio-burden in the room. Having clean air is important but it does address the real problem. 


We are the most validated purifier on the market and the majority of our data shows surface reductions. We also create bipolar ionization but with a PCO cell. Our patented enhancement allows us to create clusters of ions with enough energy to last long enough to fill the room. Creating them with ions needles limits scalability


To get a little more technical: 

- Bi polar ionization created using electric charge (ion needles) does NOT have scalability to affect surfaces in a room. 

- Puradigm uses bipolar ionization created solely by a PCO cell. NOBODY else can do this. As a result we have more energy and coupled with our advanced oxidizers we can scale. 

- The best surface tests done on bipolar ionization created with ion needles are from Sharp Plasmacluster. https://global.sharp/pci/en/certified/. They have some excellent research on the kill mechanism and some very good data on their effectiveness. Like us they have a high level of scientific rigor behind their claims. However the maximum size of their test chamber is 25 m3 (the size of a typical bathroom 80 square feet) and the surface reductions are not that impressive. They have NO data for real world  environmental conditions.


Puradigm has proven effective with 1 unit in a real world environment of 2000 square feet space, 50 times larger.  


Puradigm has also shown effectiveness on surface bound bacteria in a hospital environment at Pontiac and UC Colorado Hospitals. 

In summary, if you want to clean the air only we can offer you that solution. We are price competitive and have a superior technology. However if you want to attack the other 92-99% of the problem Puradigm Solutions can offer you a product no one else can.

Most purification systems only purify the air that enters their filters. Our patented technology bombards germs and contaminants with oxidizers and high-energy ion clusters, breaking them down naturally.

Take control of your environment.

The effects of E. coli, staph and MRSA are all around us. These and other contaminants are shutting down schools. Putting hospitals on red alert. Closing restaurants. And infecting employees and customers in businesses throughout the country.


You have a choice.

You can wait until they cause a serious outbreak in your building. Or you can prevent attacks with an affordable, clinically proven solution.

We can solve your needs with anything from a modest portable unit to a solution integrated into your HVAC system.

A solution customized to your facility.

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