Puradigm Solutions invites you to take control of your environment & is the only authorized Puradigm Distributor that Puradigm is all we do. 


The air and surface purification system that takes the solution to the problem.


We all spend about 90% of our time indoors, filled with 100 times more mold, viruses and bacteria than outdoors. (Source: EPA.)

Puradigm is a global leader in proactively neutralizing over 99% of E. coli, mold, staph, MRSA and more — in the air and on surfaces.

Most purification systems only purify the air that enters their filters. Our patented technology bombards germs and contaminants with oxidizers and high-energy ion clusters, breaking them down naturally.

Take control of your environment.

The effects of E. coli, staph and MRSA are all around us. These and other contaminants are shutting down schools. Putting hospitals on red alert. Closing restaurants. And infecting employees and customers in businesses throughout the country.


You have a choice.

You can wait until they cause a serious outbreak in your building. Or you can prevent attacks with an affordable, clinically proven solution.

We can solve your needs with anything from a modest portable unit to a solution integrated into your HVAC system.

A solution customized to your facility.

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