BEA Distribution Inc. / Puradigm Solutions,  in an Authorized Puradigm® Distributor


We’re proud to be a dedicated distributor of Puradigm, offering the industry’s leading proactive air and surface technology throughout the United States and Canada.


Puradigm technology is based on nature’s own purification process — proactively neutralizing more than 99% of E. coli, staph, mold, MRSA and other pathogens. It’s designed for indoor spaces of all sizes, including schools, offices, athletic facilities, grow facilities, restaurants, assisted living facilities and personal homes.


For years, Kansas State University has tested and validated Puradigm’s ability to effectively reduce air and surface contaminants considered dangerous to people and animals.


Our goal is to educate people about the potential risk factors they face and offer customized solutions for creating safer and cleaner environments for everyone.