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We provide widespread air and surface solutions.


We work with many types of buildings, creating custom solutions to promote personal health and control the costly effects of spreading pathogens:

 Medical Health Care


PURADIGM Technology has been developed to address many of the challenges to help protect the medical environment in Senior Living facilities, waiting rooms and throughout the medical and dental office space.


Our objective is to assist in the management of viruses, bacteria and other potentially dangerous pathogens in the air and on surfaces that can transfer from one patient to another alone with protecting your staff.


Continuously purifies facilities of any size.

  • Greatly reduces the spread of germs and infections from one person to another. 

  • Lowers illness rates among residents. 

  • Lowers staff absenteeism rates.

  • Neutralizes mold, pathogens, and allergens in the air.

  • Neutralizes VOCs and odors from cleaning products.

  • Manage odors from the air and all surfaces.

  • Is 100% organic and certified safe.

  • Proactive solution to continually disinfect, purify, & sanitize your entire facility

  • Active virus, bacteria and pathogen reduction on all surfaces and in the air

  • Cleaner, safer environment for your staff and patients

  • Sliding glass partitions can only protect your staff so much

  • Reduced liability related to the spread of sickness or disease by having a proactive solution in place

  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning costs




“By utilizing the Puradigm system, we’re improving air quality, reducing odors and sanitizing surfaces throughout Inspirations, making our home the best place to be.”   

-Paul Ortega, Executive Director of Inspirations Senior Living Facility, Pahrump, Nevada

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