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We provide widespread air and surface solutions.


We work with many types of buildings, creating custom solutions to promote personal health and control the costly effects of spreading pathogens:

Greenhouses, florists &

cannabis indoor grow rooms

  • Reduces mold growth on plants by over 99%.

  • Enhances plant growth and root structure; visibly improves plant quality.

  • Increases yields; minimizes plant loss.

  • Significantly reduces odors from cannabis grow rooms.

  • Reduces emissions from VOCs by over 99%.

  • Is scalable to any size room or greenhouse.

  • Is 100% organic and certified safe. 


“The Puradigm units have done an amazing job of halting our mold problem. We have almost no mold in our greenhouses and considering the recent weather, our greenhouses should be covered in mold. The Puradigm machines have been a game changer.” 

- A California grower.

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